What is Pure Colostrum?

ColostrumColostrum is the first milking produced by a mother cow after giving birth. The sooner the colostrum is collected and frozen the more natural immune properties it retains. Colostrum contains numerous active immunoglobulins and anti-bodies that protect newborn calves and other farm animals from dangerous pathogens that are known to damage their immune system.

Colostrum also provides great health benefit to adult animals for:
  • Immune Response
  • Muscle Restoration
  • Digestive System
  • Controlled Energy
  • Appetite Stimulation
  • Stress Recuperation
  • Treatment Recovery

That is why Imu-Tek has such strict guidelines for collecting our colostrum.  Each dairy supplies colostrum from the first day milking. This is the key factor in Imu-Tek providing you the highest quality colostrum possible and to ensure you get maximum results for whatever application you are using our colostrum.

Our colostrum products are produced from pure liquid bovine colostrum, collected from controlled, inspected US Grade A dairy herds. The diets of these dairy herds are free of animal by-products, antibiotics and hormones. Our dairy farmer partners guarantee it. 

We supply every dairy farm with a freezer to ensure the colostrum stays frozen while awaiting pickup. Our colostrum is transported to our facilities, frozen, to ensure bacteria does not corrupt the quality of the natural immune properties.

At our USDA inspected facilities we thermally treat the liquid colostrum with our specialized low-temperature pasteurization process. The colostrum is then processed by large spray-dryers that have been specifically designed and engineered to dry colostrum with minimum heat exposure, assuring that the vital benefits the colostrum’s natural immune factors are retained.

All colostrum that arrives at Imu-Tek is tested multiple times for immunoglobulin quality and other natural nutrient levels according to USDA requirements. We also test every completed batch of dried colostrum to insure it meets our quality standards and
will perform for you in field as expected.

Our line of pure colostrum based products have been serving the dairy, cattle and human health industry for over 20 years. The reason? We provide you with maximum RESULTS!

Illness occurs when an animal's body is overwhelmed by infection.

An animal with a strong immune system is less likely to become sick than an animal with weak immunity. Immunity refers to the animals body's ability to fight off bacteria or viruses.

Being fed Imu-Tek’s pure colostrum within a 24 hour period after birth helps newborn calves and other young animals develop the ability to fight off specific bacterial invaders that could otherwise damage their immune system and cause them to suffer death or a lifetime of sickness.

Continuing to feed colostrum for 7-20 days after birth has been found to promote long term health and performance as young animals move into adulthood.

The benefits of feeding remixed dried colostrum for dairy and beef calves:

Most dairy farming and beef ranching operations don’t have the time to attend to the large number of calves being produced by their herds. So, immediately after birthing, calves are removed from the production environment and placed in a clean, safe place where their needs can be focused on right from the start. The bovine digestive system is complex and sensitive and newborn calves needs to get the highest quality colostrum to survive.

According to numerous studies both dairy and cattle ranching operators are finding that removing calves from their mothers immediately after birth and feeding them several doses of our Immu-Start colostrum based products within 24 hours after birth helps them to develop a stronger immune system, faster.

It has also been discovered that feeding Imu-Tek colostrum helps dairy calves produce more milk over the life of their service to the herd and beef calves grow faster building lean muscle mass with less feed rations.