BoostEQ Benefits & Experience


  • BoostEQ™ is a unique formulation of vitamins and minerals that supply not only these essential elements but also provide colostrum which can be of benefit during times of stress and illness.
  • BoostEQ™ is formulated to be used WITH your horse’s regular daily diet and will NOT upset the balance of vitamins and minerals in these balanced foods.
  • BoostEQ™ also contains essential fatty acids to help improve your companion animal’s coat and immune system. These are also found in a balanced food, but many horses require a little extra to show the maximum result.
  • BoostEQ™ is formulated to be easily administered by topdressing feed.

For Every Class of Horse and Life Stage

  • Designed to help supply vitamins and minerals and fatty acids that might be needed in quantities higher than found in daily diet to maintain a healthy body and immune system.
  • Designed to help maintain a healthy immune system during times of stress such as travel, grooming, events, changing homes, or that trip to the vet.
  • Designed to be fed with regular diet without upsetting the balance of vitamins, macro minerals or micro minerals.
  • Designed to help during times of stress, but also with every day requirements that might be higher than what they receive in their daily diet for micro ingredients.
  • The colostrum found in BoostEQ™ helps supply many specific nutrients to help promote a healthy GI tract and strong body.
  • The colostrum and micronutrients make BoostEQ™ the ideal supplement for all ages and class of horse that might have renal insufficiencies.


Here are some of the trainers who use BoostEQ for their horses.

Su Gillespie, ClearoundTuscon LLC

Su Gillespie, ClearoundTuscon LLC

"Before switching to Boost EQ, I gave my Thoroughbred Jumper 2 grams of Omeprazole paste each day for 90 days. (At a price of over $40 per day!) I have found that Boost EQ is unsurpassed at relieving my horse’s ulcer symptoms—at a fraction of the cost. And Boost EQ offers benefits like enhanced recovery and muscle-tone retention in addition to a calmer, better-focused performance from my horse. I will give Boost EQ to all of my equine athletes."
Michael Goss, M. Goss Equestrian Center

Michael Goss, M. Goss Equestrian Center

"As a Dressage trainer I know the importance of building muscle as our horses move up the levels. My Wife's 6 Yr old 17.3 hand Selle Francais mare who is built like a super model, long and lean (but not skinny) was in great shape but just not bulking up sufficiently. After trying many products and working closely with an equine nutritionist I was having only limited success. After only 45 days on Boost EQ we noticed a big difference in her mass and muscle. I have since put my Dutch Warmblood Stallion on it and he looks terrific as well. Thanks BoostEQ!"
Kevin Meyer

Kevin Meyer

"My business includes a lot of hauling, whether I am going to a show, a clinic, or out on the desert to help friends brand. With BoostEQ my horses always step out of the trailer fresh and ready to go. I have also noticed the horses being more consistent in their training as well as improved hair coat and body condition. But the greatest effect I have seen is how well they travel on BoostEQ. The relief from the stress of traveling, both mental and physical really makes my job much easier."
Rene Noriega, EquiStride LLC

Rene Noriega, EquiStride LLC

"Since I was first introduced to BoostEQ, I have seen many positive results in the well being of horses. Recovery from competition and injury were the most noticeable developments to start. As competitors and trainers started to use the product, they also remarked on the differences in their horses’ health and recovery from competition. BoostEQ has shown many positive results in horses that are either in recovery from injury or rehabilitation. BoostEQ has proven itself as a great maintenance and wellness product. I highly recommend it to anybody who owns a horse."